Why Did He Stop Texting Me? 5 Reasons

I know how it is. There’s a cute guy you’ve been texting. It’s been fun, you’ve flirted and things seemed to be going well. Then he stopped texting. What gives?! As disheartening and frustrating as it is when a guy vanishes without a trace from our inbox, the good news is that there is always a reason behind it. Sometimes it’s him and his issues, sometimes it’s due to a misunderstanding, and sometimes it’s something you did.

Are you beating yourself up over the question of why did he stop texting me? Relax, we’re going to go through possible scenarios…

How Will It Help?

Once you know the answer to why did he stop texting me, you can stop living in confusion and finally go back to work (or is it just me that stays in bed all day, moping until he texts back?!).

Equally, when you know why he’s gone AWOL (how rude of him, though!), you can also plot out your next step.

1. Why Did He Stop Texting Me? Maybe He Forgot

Look, guys get busy. They have places to go, people to see, jobs to go to, sports games to cry over, zombies to kill, and … okay, what am I saying? Guys are guys (half the time they can’t even remember to put the toilet seat down! 🙂

Where Is He At In His Life?

Some men have a lot of stuff going on in their heads. Is he in the middle of starting a new business? Has work been super hectic lately? Is he considering a career change?

If his head is all over the place and he barely has time to sleep or eat, he might have simply forgotten to reply to you. It’s an innocent and plausible reason.

What To Do

If you suspect this is the case, shoot him a cute text that reminds him of you and YOUR cuteness. A funny GIF will work.

Then, have a face to face discussion with him when the time is right. Without accusing him, tell him how you like to communicate. He might not even realize that his sporadic texting is upsetting you.

2. Something Annoyed Him

Think very carefully. Have you made him angry or offended him? Did you say something out of line without realizing it?

Take A Minute To Think…

It’s a tough one, but if you think you might have pushed one of his buttons, go through your last texts and see if there is a hint that he might be upset.

Think back to the last time you guys met and how the meeting/conversation ended. Was everything cool or did he seem a bit different?

What To Do

Don’t ask via text if he’s upset with you. Instead, if you think you’ve annoyed him, speak with him about it in person. It’s that simple.

3. He’s Got Other Urgent Priorities

If he is normally super reactive and communicative, and all of a sudden you don’t hear from him for 24, 48 or even 72 hours, he might be overwhelmed. This doesn’t mean all is lost.

He Might Be Drowning

Maybe things came up – work, family drama, studying – and he had to cool the texting for a bit to focus on more important stuff.

Again, don’t be dismayed or offended. He’s probably focusing on what he deems to be urgent matters.

What To Do

Play it cool and focus on YOUR life. Spend time with friends, do things you enjoy. If he’s not a player he’ll be back, and he will probably even apologize for his silence. If your gut is telling you something is off, take a peek at his social media accounts to see if he’s dormant or out partying with his friends (and some cute ladies).

If he hasn’t made a status update for a while, it could be a sign that he is just super busy. If so, don’t disturb him.

If he has pic after pic out on the town then maybe he’s up to no good. Stop yourself from texting him an angry rant and instead talk to him about his disappearing act next time you see him in person.

4. He Got Tired Of Waiting for You

If your own response time has been a little erratic to say the least over the past few weeks, there is a chance he’s decided to play hardball.

Tit For Tat

If he’s decided to make you wait as much as you’ve made him wait in the past (without even realizing it, granted), he might be playing some sort of game.

What To Do

If that’s the case, you need to consciously start responding to his texts in a timely manner. Think of the golden rule, and communicate with him the way YOU want to be communicated with.

5. He’s A PLAYER

Sometimes, the answer to the question “why did he stop texting me?” is because he’s a player.

He’ll be texting two, three or maybe even four girls at the same time. If you guys aren’t serious, there’s nothing you can really do about this until you have “the talk”.

What To Do

It’s up to you how you respond if you think he’s a player.

Two Options

1. The easiest thing to do would be to give up and wait to see if he eventually texts – then either dump him or call him out on his behavior.

2. An other idea is to tell him you won’t be waiting for him forever. If he really likes you, he’s likely to get his head back in the game.

Hopefully one of these 5 reasons has cleared up the confusion as to “why did he stop texting me?” Got anything you’d like to add? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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