Make Her Fall In love With You All Over Again With These Sweet Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend

What are some sweet bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend? In this article, I'll give you advice on why you should send more creative and romantic texts, and how to write sweet bedtime stories to text your girlfriend. I'll also offer some beautiful story examples you can send to your sweetie right away so she can drift off to sleep more in love with you than ever!

Isn’t it frustrating when you want to be with your girl at night but can’t be?

It’s nighttime, and all you want to do is cuddle your girlfriend. You want to hug her, hold her close and whisper sweet-nothings in her ear. You want to tell your sweetheart that you love her, that you cherish her and that you’ll always be there for her. You also probably want some sweet bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend

When Distance Keeps You Apart

Unfortunately, distance has gotten in the way again. Humph. Your girlfriend is either away on business, visiting family, or she lives in another town or country than you.

Not cool.

Distance sucks, I know. You can’t have pillow talk at night, can’t cuddle, can’t kiss, and you can’t look into her eyes. You want to be romantic, but a Skype call is all you can manage and it keeps breaking up.

It’s so frustrating!

Things To Be Thankful For

Still, there are always silver linings and rainbows. On those lonely nights when you’re apart, you can at least be thankful that you’ve both got cell phones and can text.

I know that texting isn’t the same as being in each other’s arms, but it’s something. Moreover, when used super creatively, it can also be incredibly romantic.

For example, you could use your phone to send sweet bedtime stories to your girlfriend.

Why Are Sweet Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend So Powerful?

Bedtime stories are comforting, adorable and cute. If you choose the right one, you could melt her heart.

Even better, by casting the two of you in the starring roles, you’re reminding her how much she means to you. You’re the Prince, and she’s the Princess you’ve always been waiting for.

Get Creative!

Not just this, but bedtime stories are a much better way of chatting late into the night than going over the usual stuff. You’re tapping into your imagination, creating new worlds and maybe even getting her hot for you!

And she’ll also appreciate the effort you’ve put in!

Sweet bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend are perfect for long-distance relationships. You could text her a story, or you could read it aloud on Skype. It’s a cute way to stay in touch and build up some much-needed intimacy before you say goodnight to her.

Make Her Day Sweeter

They’re also ideal for whenever your girlfriend has had a pretty rough day. Picture it: She’s exhausted after a day at work where nothing went right for. Her boss infuriated her, and her colleagues didn’t help matters.

Then, on the way home, she got soaked in the rain, and when she did get home, she burned her dinner. Rats.

You’re going to save the day, however, with a story of a valiant young man who sweeps his fair maiden off her feet, marries her and lives with her forever and ever. Just like you and your girl!

A sweet story like this will instantly make her feel better, and she’ll fall asleep dreaming of you.

But How Do You Compose Sweet Bedtime Stories To Tell Your Girlfriend?

Naturally, we’re not all expert storytellers, but creating your very own bedtime story shows your girl how much you care about her and this relationship.

It’s also easier to do than you might think. All you need is a bit of imagination, a decent grasp of language and a romantic heart! Here are some tips to craft your very own sweet bedtime story to tell your girlfriend:

1. Include things your girlfriend loves

It’s much easier to create a fictitious world when it bears some resemblance to your reality. Not only this, but including things in your story that your girlfriend is passionate about makes it easier for her to relate to the story. Better still, you could base the female character on her. For example, if your girlfriend is a vegan, why not make the story about two vegans who fall in love?

2. Raise the stakes

All good stories have stakes, and some are higher than others. A stake is essentially something that a character will lose if they don’t achieve their desired outcome. Let’s imagine that a girl meets a boy in a cafe, and she thinks he’s the man of her dreams. They get chatting, and she writes his number down on a napkin and leaves. The girl then loses the napkin – oh no! The stakes have just risen a notch. She must track down the napkin or miss out the chance of getting to know this great guy and that would be seriously uncool.

3. A character must undergo change

How a character begins a story must be different from how they end it. This is called a character arc. Let’s imagine that in your sweet bedtime story for your girlfriend, your main character is lonely and lost at the start. So how will she be at the end? Happy, fulfilled, and found by her Prince Charming!

The more stories you write, the better you’ll get. To help get you started, and to give you something to tell your girlfriend tonight, below are two short and sweet bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend:

The Soldier

˝It was the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.˝

Ellen was reading a Christmas story to her seven-year-old daughter, Lucy.

˝The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there.˝

Lucy didn’t seem interested. She asked where her father was.

Ellen smiled, put the book down and showed Lucy a picture of her father on her phone.

He was wearing a military uniform and smiling proudly for the camera.

Lucy’s eyes lit up. She took hold of the phone and cried, ˝Daddy!˝

˝Your father is a long, long way from home at the moment,˝ said Ellen as sweetly as she could. ˝He’s fighting battles and saving Princesses.˝

˝Is he also saving Queens?˝ asked Lucy.

˝Sure he is! And he’s saving all the villagers and all the animals.˝

The smile faded from Lucy’s face.

˝But he won’t be home for Christmas?˝ she asked.

Ellen shook her head softly. ˝I’m afraid the Princesses need him more than we do at the moment.˝

This appeared to pacify Lucy, who was happy that her dad was a hero. She asked her mom to keep reading.

Ellen picked up another book. It was the popular children’s fable Three Little Pigs. She opened it and read.

˝Once upon a time, there was a mother pig who had three little pigs.˝

˝The three little pigs grew so big that their mother said to them, ‘You are too big to live here any longer. You must go and build houses for yourselves.’˝

˝Hey,˝ came a voice from behind Ellen and Lucy. It was Stephen, Ellen’s husband and Lucy’s father! He looked exactly like he did in the photo. The only difference was that he was wearing a Santa hat.

Lucy jumped off her mother’s lap and ran into her dad’s arms.

˝Why don’t you tell her story of a soldier who came home for Christmas?˝ he said.

The Record Store

˝I can’t come home before eight tonight, Emily. I told you that I have to work late at the store doing the stock pile,˝ said Roger over the phone to his girlfriend.

Emily let out a big sigh, said goodbye and hung up the phone.

She was tired of Roger working late at the record store he owned.

Actually, she was tired of the record store completely. It wasn’t making any money.

She had begged him to sell his poorly-performing business, to give up the ghost, and to focus on starting a family with her instead.

Unfortunately, she knew only too well how much his music meant to him. He loved that store, and loved his records. He had even changed his name in tribute to the lead singer of Thee Woo. How could Emily compete with all that?

In the afternoons and evenings without him, Emily listened her favorite records: Marvin Gaye, Elvis and Otis Redding. Listening to them without Roger by her side made her sad.

She stopped by one lunchtime so that they could eat together. He wasn’t there. Nobody was there. It was like a ghost shop. Nobody visited anymore.

Even when Roger did eventually arrive home after work, the first thing he always did was play a record before kissing her.

˝You know The Beatles help me to relax,˝ he said.

Emily couldn’t stop thinking about the rent they were falling behind with. She wanted to start a family together, but knew it was impossible unless Roger listened to her and changed jobs.

˝Business will pick up,˝ he kept saying cheerily.

A week later, Roger phoned her from the store while she was writing a letter to tell him it was all over between them.

˝You need to come to the store,˝ he said. It sounded urgent and Emily immediately went over.

When she stepped inside, butterflies flew through her entire body. Her eyes lit up at the sight: The record store was completely changed. Roger had gotten rid of most of the records, and left only Emily’s favorites. They were hung on the walls.

Upstairs, he had been busy decorating the rooms. One was for them, and another was for their future child Emily wanted so much.

˝This is our new home,˝ he said. ˝It’s bigger, cheaper, and it’s got music. What more could we want?˝

She hugged him harder than she ever had before.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are ready to create your own sweet bedtime stories to tell your girlfriend!

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  1. Looking text to make her fall back in love with me

    • Hi John,
      I don’t know your current situation (if you are separated, together, long distance, etc.). But I would suggest expressing your appreciation of her, letting her know that you are thinking of her, that you miss her, that she is beautiful, sexy and wonderful. Be specific and make sure that everything you say is genuine. For example “Missing your warm body next to mine” or “Every time I see you I fall in love with you again”
      Bisous x

  2. I want to talk to her like so madly in love with her but I don’t have stories to tell her am so new into relationship

    • Hi Daniel,
      Are you just starting to see her? Or are you already in a relationship and would like to send her some romantic stories? If you are just starting to date, I would suggest trying to see her face to face. Send her a few sweet text messages to get the conversation going (use her name, bring up specific things she told you, ask questions,etc.) and then ask her out! If you are already dating, take a look at some of the romantic stories I have shared on my blog and personalize them for her 🙂

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