Here’s What To Text Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been about love conquering all. It’s meant to be the one day of the year where we all forget our differences, our schedules and - for guys - the “playoffs”, and make our partner our number one priority. According to legend, St. Valentine (the guy who pretty much invented Valentine’s Day), was executed for putting aside one day of the year for love! How grumpy must those Roman soldiers have been that they had to execute a man for celebrating love?? Talk about one man sacrificing himself for the most beautiful passion of all.

Fortunately, things are much different in 2017, and you’re actually encouraged to spend February 14th in the arms of your beloved.

Naturally, life gets in the way, even in the way of love. Most of us will have to work on Valentine’s Day, which means that we can’t spend the entire day with our partner. Maybe some of you are in a long-distance relationship, and can’t even see your partner face-to-face – even just for a moment.

So you probably want to send your lover a romantic text message that lets them know how much they mean to you.

This is no ordinary text message. This is a special, Valentine’s Day text that has to be a bit different.

If you’re struggling to come up with something that will melt your lover’s heart this year, here are a few Valentine’s Day text message ideas for both couples and people who are dating.

Text 1

“Now that you’re in my life, I’ve finally got someone whose happiness is more important than my own.”

You could send this text to someone who you’ve been romantically involved with for a while. It’s a heartfelt, sincere text that will make them feel amazing (I mean it would make me feel amazing!).

It’s essentially a compliment – and perhaps the biggest compliment they’ve ever received in their life.

Send it in the morning and brighten their day. After all, who out of all of us wouldn’t want to be told that we’ve met someone who puts our happiness before their own?

Text 2

“Heading home…just bought dessert and slipped my panties in my purse…don’t be late”

This is a saucy text to send to your lover while they’re still at work. It will really get them in the mood for when they come home to see you tonight.

Text 3

“Even though I can’t see you today, know this – you are always in my heart, where you bring me joy, love and happiness. I’ll be thinking of you all day.”

This is a text to send to your partner if you can’t see them today. It’s always sad for both people in a couple when they can’t make plans for Valentine’s Day.

Remember that while your heart may be aching at their absence, but so is theirs. Remind them of your love for them. Don’t leave them wondering on Valentine’s Day if you care or not. Send them this text and make them happy.

Text 4

“Someone once said that the best thing to hold onto in life is each other. I want to hold onto you tonight and forever after.”

Been together for a while and thinking of popping the question? Or perhaps you’re already married and want to re-affirm your love for your partner? Send this text if you’ve got a romantic evening planned for tonight and want them to know beforehand how much you love them. It sets the tone for a special evening.

These are just a few Valentine’s Day text message ideas for couples and people who are dating. Feel free to use them as they are, tweak them, or just use them as inspiration for your own!! Happy Valentine’s day!

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