5 Dating Tips For Women In The Text Age

Dating tips for women from a woman who has seen it all and tried it all. Unfortunately, dating can become a chore if you continually make bad decisions, and have no clear idea of what you really want in a partner. Keep dating fun by following these 5 texting tips!

My Top Dating Tips For Women Looking For Love

The shy 16 year-old girl hidden inside me probably wouldn’t believe I’m writing this. However, after dating lots of guys, I finally consider myself to be a veteran dater, so I’ve decided to put together my top 5 dating tips for women. I’ve dated Italian men, French men, American men, tall men, short men, sporty men, intellectual men and boys who were trying to be men. Somewhere along the way, I discovered these tried and tested dating tips for women that I’d like to share with all the other ladies out there looking for love.

1. Accept Responsibility

What does this mean? It means that you can date whomever you want, even a super jerk. This may not be standard dating tips for women, but it’s something I truly believe. Yes, you can date the guy who has cheated on every woman he ever met (done it). You can also date that super cute guy who’s just exiting a long-term relationship (yep, been there too). However, there is one catch: you must accept the risk of being cheated on, or becoming the rebound girl.

Texting tips:
How does this apply to your texting game? If you know that you are barking up the wrong tree, try and keep your text conversations light and full of harmless flirting. Steer clear of sweet romantic messages that have a tendency of creating feelings of attachment.

Example: “There is only one thing I like better than a big ice cream cone on a warm summer day. Any guesses?”

2. Know What You REALLY Want

It took me a long time (and a lot of failed attempts) to figure out what was important for me in a relationship. I thought my dream guy had to be sporty, super smart, or extremely cultured. I was wrong. All I needed was someone who knew how to laugh, have fun, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. My new ideal guy: Someone who wants to dance around the living room naked on a Saturday afternoon. Most articles on dating tips for women probably won’t tell you this, but having fun, and being fun is just as sexy as 6 pack abs or a beach house.

Texting tips:
Take some time to think about past partners and what you liked or disliked. Figure out your own deal breakers and stick to them. Then, ask a lot of questions (in a playful way). Just be careful to avoid making your partner feel like he is being interviewed for a job.

Example: “Red or white? Crunchy or creamy? Regular or light? So many things left to discover…”

3. Don’t Chase Guys

If there is only one dating tip for women that you remember, it’s this:

Guys are very good at going after what they want. On the flip side, if he isn’t interested in you, he won’t make the effort…and in that case, do you really want him?

Texting tip:
Don’t send your partner more messages than he sends you. If you see that he is taking more time than usual to answer your text messages, do the same. Don’t ever ask by text “what’s wrong” or tell him “we need to talk”. Use text for flirting and making plans, always speak about issues or feelings face to face. Make your messages a treat!

Example: “Wait until you see my outfit…bet you can’t keep your hands to yourself.”

4. Positive Vibes

Always go into a relationship with an open mind and a clear conscience. The more negative thoughts you entertain, the more likely these thoughts are going to become reality. You can call it the power of attraction, being superstitious, or anything you want, but it’s true. What you think about most often becomes reality.

Texting tip:
Listen to a happy song, look at a cute photo or go for a walk before texting. if you are feeling depressed. Small tweaks can turn a negative message into something he will enjoy receiving.

Example: ”It’s an absolutely gorgeous day…just missing you.”

5. Don’t Listen To Everyone

Most people are stuck in crummy relationships. In their miserable state, they are overjoyed to hear stories about how much your partner sucks because misery LOVES company. So don’t be upset if your girlfriends aren’t over the moon when you do finally find a gem. Chat with your friends during happy hour, but take their advice with a grain of salt: they might (subconsciously) want to sabotage your happiness.

Texting tips:
Men love to feel supported and coveted by their partner. From time to time show him that you are behind him 100%. Did he try ordering dinner in a foreign language during your last vacation together? Instead of making fun of his accent, tell him how attractive it was.

Example: “Your German accent is adorable… why don’t you bring it on over along with your sexy little self? ☺”

Keep Him Interested By Being Interesting!

And there you have it – 5 dating tips for women who want to be more successful. What’s the best way to keep him interested after you found him? Have fun and set yourself apart from the rest of the ladies by sending him flirty, sexy and sweet text messages. Remember, it’s not only your little black dress that has the power to seduce…Sign up for our Free Texting Club Trial and you’ll receive over 300 messages!

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