5 Dating Tips For Women In The Text Age

My Top Dating Tips For Women Looking For Love The shy 16 year-old girl hidden inside me probably wouldn’t believe I’m writing this. However, after dating lots of guys, I finally consider myself to be a veteran dater, so I’ve…

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Texting Glossary Shortcuts For Added Spice

Texting As Its Own Language Over the past decade, texting has emerged as its own unique dialect. In the past, chat-speak was frequently used because of character limitation (160 characters) and billing fees. Hence, “you” became “u,” “too/two/to” became “2”,…

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Happy Birthday SMS – How To Reply Like A Star

I’ve always believed that someone’s birthday is a special day. Birthdays in my family were so special, in fact, that we celebrated them for a week and a day… While not everyone has the luck of being showered with presents…

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Texting Acronyms To Jazz Up Your Messages

Texting Acronyms – When, Where, Why & How Acronyms have become commonplace in text messages. Since the advent of Internet chat rooms and forums, a plethora of acronyms has been invented as shorthand for common phrases. Some acronyms have been…

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7 Rules For Texting Guys To Keep Him Interested

What are the rules for texting guys? Is it possible to be guilty of texting a guy too much? Where can texting have the biggest impact in your life? While texting is a great tool for keeping in touch with…

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Dating And Texting Mistakes To Avoid

what to text a guy to get his attention

Dating and texting are bed buddies. But much like bikini bodies, not all text messages (and curves) are created equal. Get your sexy back, and make sure that each and every text message that you send your partner is a…

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Apology Text Messages: Three Strategies

Roof Roof Apology Text Messages That Count Sending apology text messages requires strategy. The content and tone of the text depends on both what you did wrong, and whom you’re dealing with. Some people respond best to humor, while others…

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Happy Birthday Text Message Guide

Birthday’s aren’t going anywhere, so let’s get down to the basics. Make it a habit when you meet someone to ask when their birthday is. If you don’t receive alerts via social networking sites, then set up your own alerts…

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Flirting By Text When You Know That You Shouldn’t

Texting Tips

Almost everyone has been there before…playing around with the idea of flirting by text with Mr. or Miss bad news. In fact, you’re probably very familiar with the place. Allow me to describe it for you: alone, cell phone in…

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