Funny Flirty Texts That Make You Unique

Like many people, I really went to town this year during the Christmas season. Yes, I overindulged, even after reading all the helpful advice scattered throughout magazines, such as “fill up your plate with veggies,” “stay away from the dips,”…

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Cute Flirty Text Messages To Help Stay Connected

Ladies, believe it or not, a lot of men are more attracted to a cute girl than to a sexy girl. If you read about attraction on the internet or in relationship books, many times you’ll run across men confessing…

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Succeed With Text Flirting

Thinking about you

Flirting in real life can be scary. It’s much easier to stay in the corner with your friends and watch the action from afar. Unfortunately…most of the time if you stay disconnected from the game, you’ll never find your dream…

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Romantic Text Messages And The Dating Scene Evolution

Texting and Dating

Think back to the dating scene before cell phones, before romantic text messages to score a date nbecame the norm. If a guy wanted to ask a girl out, he had to carefully follow a few painful steps: 1. Find…

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Flirty Texting Tips And Creative Ideas For Couples

Flirting Tips for Couples

Why is it that so many new couples seem to be flirty texting each other incessantly, while more seasoned couples hardly ever text each other at all? And why is it that when these more established couples do decide to…

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Happy Anniversary Text Messages That Work

Happy Anniversary SMS

Scratching your head trying to come up with a few clever happy anniversary text messages? Well, you’ve come to the right place! “Do you know what today is?” Unless this question is being thrown at you in the hospital, you…

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