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Bonjour! Welcome to Text Weapon, your go-to resource for mastering modern communication.

My name is Claudia, and I’m the fingers and emoticons behind the scene. This page will guide you through what I have to offer: becoming a text master!

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2. The Need To Know Info

You have thousands of chances a day to text your way into someone’s head. Starting, of course, with first thing in the morning – this is prime time for texting! Want to know more? Read this:
Flirty Good Morning Text Messages That Make Their Day

If you’ve started your day right, you’ll want to end it right too. Good night texts are just as important. This post explains just that:
Flirty Good Night Text Messages For Everyone

When you’re in a committed relationship, but can’t spend nights with your girlfriend, texting can help! These tips are great for keeping the romance alive and well:
Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend Sweet Dream Machine

Of course, the same applies to all you girls wanting to keep things hot with your boyfriend. Some simple ways to add a little va va voom are detailed here:
Words That Turn Guys On And Keep Them Turned On

Maybe keeping the conversation going is something you need help with – well, guess what? I’ve got you covered there as well. These tips will keep things interesting:
How To Keep A Text Conversation Going Like A Pro

If your text game is feeling a little rusty, I’ve got a ton of flirty texting games to inject some ooh la la back into your phone. Whether it’s your partner or someone you’ve just met, you can’t go wrong with these:
Texting For Champions Fun Flirty Texting Games

So you and your dream guy are texting (I’m so happy for you!) – how do you make sure it stays that way? There are some pitfalls you need to avoid, and I’ve outlined them here:
Seven Rules For Texting Guys To Keep Him Interested

And fellas, I’ve got your back as well! So many guys can’t read the signs of when a girl’s into them – well here’s the lowdown of what to look for in that department:
How To Tell If A Girl Likes You 12 Signs

One last one for the ladies – I couldn’t help myself! I’ve boiled things down to my four top tips to attract men – read them now and thank me later!
Top 4 Tips To Attract Men By Texting

Phew – got all that? Then you’re on the right track to text success!

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5. Congratulate Yourself

You’ve made it this far, which is a brilliant start on your journey to becoming a texting champion. You’re well on your way to mastering the 21st century’s key communication method. Why is it the case that texting has taken over? Simple: it’s accessible (90% of Americans have a mobile), fast (and 90% of them open texts within three minutes) and easy. But doing it right is a different story – texts are misconstrued more easily than any other form of communication. Once you’ve honed your text mastery, the benefits are obvious:

  • texting increases intimacy
  • it can keep sparks alive in long term relationships
  • it’s great for long distance relationships
  • text talent can help singles stand out from the crowd – whether you meet online, at the bar or through your Aunt Millie
  • above all, it’s fun!

I’m sure now you can see why texting well is so crucial. It can bring untold success and happiness to your life – and that’s what we all want! I’m glad you’re here making strides towards that. Bonne chance!