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Romantic Text Messages That Light The Flame Of Desire

11 Text Messages At Your Fingertips

Sending romantic text messages to your partner can be daunting. Why? Because you don't want to sound cheesy, unoriginal or artifical. Romance is an artform. An artform that gets results. Young, old, male or female...we all crave romance. Read on to start texting your partner the type of romance they dream about.

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Romantic Text Messages For Everyone!

Romance is the spice of life. It makes both parties feel happy, desired and appreciated. What’s an easy way to inject some romance into your relationship? The answer is simple: romantic text messages! These messages should not only be reserved for the holiday season, or the beginning of a relationship. These text messages should be little treats that you surprise your partner from time to time. If you always text “have a good day. xoxo” amp it up and send instead “The taste of that lingering kiss of yours is still on my lips”.

Recipe For Romance

What’s the secret sauce that will guarantee success every time? Romantic text messages should be genuine. This means not stealing lines from famous movies, such as “you complete me” or re-working lyrics to well known songs “I just texted to say I love you”. Also, respect the obvious and be romantic! leave the complaining for your colleagues at work and avoid sending negative messages such as “traffic was awful this morning, this city sucks!”. Instead, check out a small sample of our collection below for your own creative ideas.

11 Romantic Love Text Messages For Your Honey

1. No matter where I go, or what I do, nothing feels better than coming back to your arms.

2. The second we locked eyes, I knew I had to meet you, love you, and adore you.

3. Wondering when you’ll let me kiss you, the way you deserve to be kissed.

4. Even though I can’t right now, all I want to do is rush home to your arms.

5. Making love to you is the most powerful narcotic. I think I’m addicted.

6. Would really like to get to know you better. Maybe we can spend some time falling madly in love?

7. You are the living, breathing definition of my desires.

8. Tu es un ange. Je t’aime.

9. You’ve already made my hearts yours…and tonight you can have my body…

10. The pain of your absence is constant. I miss you so much.

11. Tonight’s activities: dinner, your favorite music, dancing, kissing and messing up the bed…


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