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make the most out of text messaging
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There’s texting, and then there’s masterful texting – which one are you doing?

Texting as a communication form is seriously undervalued, and that’s just the first of many mistakes peoples make when it comes to texting.

With Text Weapon’s FREE 3 part training series you’ll never make these mistakes again.

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the benefits and advantages of texting in 3 simple video training sessions.

We believe that good texting can be broken down in to 3 basic pillars:

What is texting? Why is texting important? And; How to craft your winning messages?

And we’ve put everything you need into 3 easy to follow videos, available for FREE, available today!

  1. Video one takes you through exactly what texting is, and what sets it apart from other modern forms of communication. We will show you how texting is the digital embodiment of human connection, and how you can become a pro at making these connections, and keeping them, with a few simple texts.
  2. Video two shows you how to give yourself a competitive edge in the cut-throat world of dating, just by mastering the simple text. We lay out the unique traits of texting that make it a superior communicative tool for creating intimacy and desire, and give you an entirely new perspective of the seductive power of such an every-day object – your phone.
  3. Video three is the final weapon in your pocket – a guide to creating your own winning text messages that spark the flame of desire in anyone and everyone. We show you the common pitfalls of texting, and how to avoid them, and leave you with the ability to completely overhaul the way you text.

When you’ve finished these three videos, you’ll never look at your humble phone the same way again.

What are you waiting for?

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Get ready, 2016 is going to be the year you revolutionize the way you communicate!

  • Make Yourself A “Must Have”
  • 2 keys most text messages miss
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“I’ve never been much of a texter… lately my husband started sending me really sweet texts. I loved receiving them, but I always felt stupid because I never knew how to answer.”

“After reading the Text Weapon Quick Start Guide I started spicing things up. It gave me the confidence to express myself better. In fact, I think this program not only taught me the ins and outs of texting etiquette, but it also carried over into my everyday socializing and made me a better communicator.”

KSM, Physical Therapist,

“I never realized what I was missing in my relationship.”

“This program positively changed my life. Now my husband and I enjoy more of a connection. Our lives are richer, we argue less, and we have learned how to express ourselves better – all while having fun, fun, fun.

It introduced me to new forms of texting that I had never thought about before. The program seemed to be made just for me! The different categories gave me options that fit my mood or my husband’s mood. I’m a visual person, and I don’t usually like long books; however, the illustrations broke up the material and made the book fun and easy to read.

Since I started using the tips and suggestions in the program our relationship has improved 100%. I think this book is the easiest and most affordable way to take your relationship to the next level..

SL, Product Manager

“Being so busy with work and a new baby leaves me with little free time.”

“Luckily, the program was easy to follow, had tons of engaging illustrations, and was packed with good ideas for quick and witty messages.

The text time saver formulas really helped me become more creative, and I soon found myself taking my texting to the next level. Text Weapon is light-hearted and fun. “

SC, Sales Professional,