LINKD: Not Just Another Dating App – A Better Dating Experience

If you are looking for a dating app that is aimed at professionals who want a more sophisticated and productive dating experience, LINKD just might be the platform for you. According to founder Patric Okumi, LINKD was created in our post-Tinder era as a response to the numerous "hookup" apps that are increasingly marginalizing people who want a genuine relationship that is based on trust.

LINKD founder Patric Okumi

In a world of quick meet-ups and instant gratification, LINKD offers hope to those who want to return to traditional romance and want more than a Tinder type dating app. We sat down with the founder, Patric Okumi and picked his brain about what it takes to get rid of the “chalk and cheese” dates.

What Does The Dating App Market Look Like Today?

“Within the dating app market, there are very few platforms that truly care about connecting the right people romantically,” explains the founder. “I think many female members have become wary of online dating, owing to “hookup” apps. I think it’s important to restore confidence and for users to recognise that different brands attract a different caliber of people.”

Naturally, there were online dating apps that existed before the likes of Tinder that sought to connect professionals with others who wanted something longer term. So what makes LINKD so different?

LINKD Is An Online Dating Solution

At its heart, LINKD is an online dating solution that aims to reduce the amount of time you waste dating the wrong people. Referred to as a mature lifestyle brand, it relies on machine learning which allows its users to build profiles that capture a range of personal details, including physical attributes, interests and personality.

Sound familiar? What sets LINKD apart from the crowd is that it gives users the chance to employ filters that improve their suggested matches. This ensures that you no longer get paired up with people who make you ask “Really?”

What Can LINKD Do For You?

In this way, LINKD gives you a chance to base your judgement off more than just a few lines of text and pictures. You actually get a more comprehensive insight into someone’s lifestyle, which improves your decision making. The app shows you comparisons between the two of you on a variety of spectra: quiet versus loud, creative or logical, stubbornness against flexibility. So what does Patric think is better – two peas in a pod or opposites attracting?

His answer is tactful: “We like this feature. We’re not going to claim to have all the answers. What we want to do is to use technology to help share these personality traits to our members and empower them to make their own decisions.”

Are YOU Invested?

Patric does however believe that men need to reconsider the investment required into dating. “Owing to the accessibility of dating apps, I think some men fall into the trap of not investing enough time in new dates. Relationships take time to develop and that’s why they’re so rewarding.”

“LINKD was developed with the professional demographic in mind,” says Patric. “We are ultimately looking to attract individuals comfortable with their identities, ready to meet new people for meaningful relationships.”

Once you’ve found a match, LINKD also helps by suggesting date spots based on you and your date’s preferences and personalities to take the stress out of planning meet-ups. Each place is certified with the LINKDSPOTS seal of approval.


Patric told us about the sort of places this recognition covered. “Our preference is for independent venues. We love the passion and customer care that independents offer. Ultimately, we choose venues that our members will want to go back to.”

LINKD is super simple to use. You just need to crate a detailed profile, browse through your suggested matches, discover more about your match and start chatting. Then, you can both agree on somewhere to meet using LINKDSPOTS, before sending an invitation.

And a final bit of advice for when you arrange a first date?

“It’s a cliché but relaxed dates are the best,” says the founder. “First dates are an opportunity to get to know each other without the pressure of three course meals.”

Where Can I Get LINKD?


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