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Buy Now - Texting Club Membership

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    Slightly Racy

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Texting Club provides over 2,000 text messages.

romantic couple texting thoughts

Thinking Of You

Singles and Couples alike can benefit from this dangerously sweet and effective form of text flirting.

happy couple text after first date

After The First

Enjoyed the first date? Make sure you’ll get a second! Get these text message ideas for after the first encounter.

texts for those far away

For Those Far Away

Out of site doesn’t have to mean out of mind. Get these creative text ideas and stay on their radar.

texting club specific kisses category

Specific Kisses

Who said a kiss had to be boring? If you’re stuck in the rut of signing off with xoxo get this massive database of unusual kisses for every occasion.

domination text messages


The idea of control is sexy. Take the lead and surprise your partner with hot domination style text messages.

secret text messages

Tell Me A Secret

Too shy to text what you really feel? Text your partner a secret instead and watch their eyes light up.

Flirty good cop bad cop texts

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Be a little sneaky and don’t show your partner all your cards. Instead make them wonder if you’re the good cop or the bad cop...

creative names for texts

The Name Game

Want to get the best text bang for your buck? Add a special name. Get our extensive collection.

flattery text messages


Ever received a really good complement? Text your partner the type of complement they’re craving.

teasing texts

You’re Just A Little Great

Keep your partner on their toes and throw in some of these slightly edgy texts from time to time.

flirty visual sms


Text a creative photo or better yet create a vivid image using words. Find a multitude of ideas here.

unlocking fantasies through texts

Fantasies (I Wish)

Do you know your partner’s deepest desires? Do you want too? Try tapping into their fantasies using these ideas.

flirty teasing style sms


Teasing gets results because it shows confidence and creativity. Get tons of ideas here.

dirty text messages


Wanna get dirty? We do, and we have...

texting to meet live

Turn Phone-To-Phone Into Face-To-Face

Tired of looking at there face on a screen? Use these texts to take it to the next level.

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