Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend – Ideas & Tips On How To Write Your Own

bedtime stories for girlfriend

Bedtime is the worst time when you and your partner are away from each other. Well, unless you share romantic bedtime stories together, that is. In this article you will find tips on how to write your own bedtime stories…

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Dating Over 40: Text Yourself Back In The Game

Dating over 40

Dating at any age can be complicated and overwhelming, but dating over 40 is a particularly tricky minefield to navigate. While you now have the experience that comes with age (of knowing exactly who you are and what you want),…

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Starting A Long Distance Relationship – 6 Tips For Success

starting a long distance relationship

Luckily, texting, instant messaging, and the Internet have made it a lot easier to keep in touch with your partner when starting a long-distance relationship. That being said, it’s hard to express true love and affection over iMessage – things…

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Long Distance Relationship Problems – Tips And Tricks To Avoid Them

long distance realtionship problems

What was that one single thing that you just couldn’t get past? At the root of all these long distance relationship problems are questions, feelings, and answers. Specifically, two main drivers: boundaries and communication. When you have effectively communicated firm…

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What To Text A Guy To Get His Attention Back

what to text a guy to get his attention

He was quite funny after all, wasn’t he? And looking back over old photos you know that he was no Bradly Cooper, but dayum – that smile. Searching for what to text a guy to get his attention back? Read…

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My Ex Wants To Be Friends: How To Deal With It

my ex wants to be friends

My ex wants to be friends. Great. How do you deal with that dilemma? Well, it all starts out by knowing what you want and taking the time to assess your feelings. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? However, being blasted with…

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How To Be A Better Texter By Loving Your Life

how to be a better texter

Loving your life, then, makes you a positive person and is a key when learning how to be a better texter. People can already see that you’re the kind of person who is great to be around. Wherever you go,…

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Love Text Messages For Her: How To Make Her Feel Special Via Text

love text messages for her

Hey guys! We know you love your girl. But have you been sending enough love text messages for her? This is key in learning how to make her feel special through texts. You know, a text that you send to…

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Hot Text Messages To Turn Her On

hot text messages to turn her on

Guys, if you’ve failed so far to get flirty via text with your girlfriend, the easiest way to do it is with hot text messages to turn her on. We will show you how to write text messages to get…

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