Positive Energy: The Bounce In Your Step Unlocks Doors

I’m going to share a personal story with you. Normally I am a very positive person with a ton of positive energy. I hold my head high, laugh a lot (often at the little things – or even myself). I…

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How To Get Over A Guy And Move On With Your Life

Want to learn how to get over a guy so that you can move on with your life and start afresh? We’ve all been dealt a cruel hand by love and fate, two forces which somehow conspired to make us…

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Dating Tips To Help Find Balance In Love

So what’s the secret? The first of our dating tips is: keep everything in perspective. The more balanced your life is, the happier you are with your friends, career, family and even yourself. Do you like who is looking back…

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5 Clear Signs A Guy Is In Love With You

What are the top signs a guy is in love with you? If you know where to look, guys give off subtle clues that let us know how they’re feeling, and how they feel about us. When they love us,…

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4 Ways To Meet Women Online And How To Approach Them

online dating questions

Today there are more ways to meet women online than ever before. There are dating sites, social media, mutual friends, online groups, and even chat rooms. It shouldn’t be as daunting as walking up to a girl in real life…

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The Power Of Names: Engaging People And Getting What You Want

One of these magic qualities is their ability to communicate effectively with people. They know instinctively how to deal with people, what makes them tick, and how to build successful, lasting relationships. And when they communicate, they recognize the mysterious…

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I Miss My Girlfriend! 5 Ways to Cope

I miss my girlfriend

In 2017, more and more of us are in long-distance relationships. Which means more and more guys are sitting around thinking “I miss my girlfriend!”. However distance is a beautiful thing! Just think how wonderful it is that a girl…

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4 Texting Tips to Improve the Way You Communicate

However, in 2017 it’s important that we all refine our texting skills so that we can build even better relationships and improve our chances of success – especially with the opposite sex, when we can’t meet face to face. What…

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10 Reasons To Dress Like You Give a Damn


As a Text Weapon reader, perhaps you’ve already achieved the romance holy grail of starting a text conversation with a girl. Better yet, your ability to woo the ladies with your wizarding words may even be effortless. But have you…

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