James Preece – Dating Guru And Relationship Expert

James Preece Dating Guru

It’s not every day that you get to chat with someone who has over a decade of experience helping singles all over the world end up blissfully “coupled up”. I wondered what kept a lot of singles stuck in “singeldom”,…

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Text Message Flirting: 6 Messages You Should Send To A New Date And 1 Surprising Thing You Should Never Do

Jonathan Bird

Enter Jonathan Text message flirting and texting a new date is always hard. There are so many things that could be said but where to start? Can’t send one too long or too short, too flirty, too blunt, too descriptive,…

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Texting Tips For Texting Him Down Gently

Text Him Down Gently

The best texting tips aren’t always about being more flirty. Sometimes they are about easing yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. You know the story, you met a guy a few days ago (friend of a friend, new colleague, friendly…

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Texting Etiquette Tips To Keep In Mind Every Time


That’s right! 1992 was not only the year of the summer Olympics in Alberta, France and Barcelona, Spain, it also brought the world text messaging.In a 2015 Pew Research survey it was found that 97% of smart phone users send…

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Should I Text Him First? Maybe

First Date Tips

It might just be how he communicates, because he’s male. It’s a commonly held belief that men and women communicate differently, but now science has proof. So go ahead and rest easy knowing that “it’s not me, it’s you” is…

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When Texting Goes Wrong

Kathryn Hogan

Enter Kathryn Brevity is a virtue. But in texting – the most abbreviated form of communication since smoke signals – too much brevity can cut your love communications short. Very short. Texting is an opportunity to connect with someone special,…

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Paul Thomas Bell Talks Texting, Dating & Much More!


Paul was rocking a hipster beard. He was relaxed, smiling and definitely not trying to be someone he’s not. His accent was beyond cool (he’s Scottish)…And you know what? His networking skills were just as top notch. Paul’s column, “The…

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Being Vulnerable And Intimate Even Via Text

Relationship Success Being Vulnerable

I don’t believe that if you give away something that precious, it’s ever lost. Strong connections shape who you are. Opening yourself up and being vulnerable is the number one way to create intimacy in a relationship. At the end…

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The Search For The Best New Dating App

Best Dating APP

Four words: best new dating app But which one? Dating apps have become so individual, so catered that finding the best new dating app is almost like finding the right partner. It takes time (and a little luck) To help…

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