The Daily Coffee


EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION It was YOUR NAME’s first day as an intern at the biggest corporation in town and he was already being sent all around to do small errands for everyone who asked. This is not what I expected,…

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Cupcake Shop


Part 1: Email/Voice Message Version HER NAME watched in frozen horror as her cupcake shop burned to the ground. Everything she had was being erased by the flames rising toward the smoky sky. Countless hours and thousands of dollars of…

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Welcome Interruption


EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION – PART 1 HER NAME liked the graduate library best for studying. The weak Wi-Fi signal in the basement kept the hordes of people away. The ceiling was low and the air smelled of dusty books that…

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The Handyman


EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION A woman named HER NAME lived in a creaky old house far from the city. Every day something in the old house would go wrong and she spent all of her energy, time and money trying to…

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The Stadium

the stadium

EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION – PART 1 The stadium was full of things to tease the senses: the scent of grilling hot dogs, the crack of a bat, the emerald green outfield. This was a Saturday baseball game and HER NAME…

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Best Friends


EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION Hours and hours of shopping had left HER NAME and YOUR NAME sore and tired, with arms full of heavy bags, and HER NAME suggested they take a break for a drink. YOUR NAME happily accepted. Best…

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Driver’s License

Drivers lisence

EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION – PART 1 Since the very first day of First Grade all through to senior year, YOUR NAME and HER NAME sat next to each other. This wasn’t by choice, but merely the effect of alphabetical order….

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The Flight

the flight

EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION – PART 1 Finally, YOUR NAME was in his seat. He wasn’t sure why he seemed to have the worst luck with flying, but he could never have one trip, or even one leg of one trip,…

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Puppy Love

6 Puppy Love

EMAIL/VOICE MESSAGE VERSION – PART 1 YOUR NAME and HER NAME were surrounded by puppies—golden ones, scrappy ones, silent ones, crying ones, biting ones and yipping ones. Some napped. Some licked. Some cuddled. Some played. Each and every one, whether…

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