How To Turn A Guy On Over Text – 4 Tips

Having trouble trying to figure out how to turn a guy on over text? The answer is even simpler than you think! You have the power to turn him on right here in the palm of your hand. Just follow these four easy steps to find out how to drive your man absolutely wild with desire at the push of (several) buttons.

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Texting is a great way to communicate how you’re feeling, whether it’s happy, sad, lonely, excited – or even horny. This article is here to help you with that last one. Read on for four tips on how to turn a guy on over text!

Tip 1: No unsolicited nudes!

I’m not going to talk about the number of nude photo leaks (ew) that have been in the news. I’m not going to tell you that you aren’t in high school. I’m not even going to talk about the problematic scenario of a guy opening a text with a nude photo in it while standing in line for coffee at Starbucks.

I’m just going to say this: unsolicited nude photos don’t excite him (at least in the long run). First they confuse him. Then shock him. Then delight him. Then give him whiplash as he snaps his head back and forth checking to see that nobody else has seen it. Then give him something to do in the bathroom for 15 minutes. And then you’re right back where you started.

So, what’s the secret to how to turn a guy on over text, and keep him turned on long enough to benefit from it? Build anticipation. Engaging his imagination. And you just killed any chance of that with your XXX pic.


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Nude photos are something that solid couples send each other. But it’s important to establish the fact that “this is for later” first.

So before you strip down, try this next tip instead. And guess what? It’s even easier than sending a nude photo.

Tip 2: Tell him you’re horny.

Yes, it really is that simple. When you tell a guy you’re horny it engages the primal part of his brain that’s always geared towards sex. Because when you say I’m horny, he hears, I’m getting some later.”

This way you engage his imagination and get him thinking about your body without giving him a good way to assuage those feelings like a photo.

Let me put it this way – no matter how horny he’s feeling, he’s not going to take care of himself when he knows you’re waiting for him. Texting is the perfect way to tease him and turn him on. Since he can’t satisfy his desire, he won’t be able to stop thinking about it.

That you aren’t wearing any underwear. That just thinking of him is making you wet.

Go wild! So long as you keep things focused on your own erotic feelings, you’ll be sure to drive him wild with desire.

And yes, in case you were wondering, texting something as simple as “I want you” will probably work too.

Tip 3: Engage his imagination, but keep him grounded in reality.

Once again, the key to how to turn a guy on over text (and keeping him turned on) is getting him aroused without getting to the point where you two are having phone sex. Delaying gratification.

The trick to doing that is just as simple as the last tip. Keep everything focused on what you are going to do, instead of what you are doing.

Text him, “I want you to do this thing to me later.” Or ask him, “What do you want to do to me tonight/over lunch/in the bathroom at your cousin’s rehearsal dinner?”

You’ll be amazed at where some of your suggestions will take the both of you. And don’t be surprised if you end up feeling a bit turned on yourself!

Tip 4: Play up the exhibitionist angle.

One of the hottest things about flirting via text is that you can do it from anywhere – and he could be anywhere too.

So play up the exhibitionist angle a bit. Text him about things you wouldn’t normally do. Play with your respective environments to think up some truly wicked scenarios.

Just remember, throughout everything, to keep building the anticipation without gratifying it.

Text him that you wish he could pleasure you on the way to work. Or that you wish you could have sex with him on his desk, at his office. It’s insanely fun trying to think up wilder and wilder scenarios.

That’s part of the joy of learning how to turn a guy on over text – it’s doing sexy things in a public place with the added benefit of not getting arrested.

It’s its own reward. The consummation later is just the whipped cream bikini on top.

How To Turn A Guy On Over Text Final Thoughts

For many people venturing down this playful and flirty road is new territory. Therefore, just like a new fitness routine, I would suggest easing into it. The last thing you want to do is shock your partner. If you are normally sending “Hi baby, have a nice day”. You can gradually spice it up by starting with “Hey sexy/tasty, have a nice day” and then maybe move into “Hey handsome/beautiful, want to know a secret?” and then tell them something a little bit naughty such as “I love it when you bite my shoulder…mmmm”

And finally, what’s the most important part of learning how to turn a guy on over text? Make sure that it’s always fun! Happy texting! Sign up for our Free 30 day Texting Club trial and you’ll receive over 300 messages!

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31 Responses to “How To Turn A Guy On Over Text – 4 Tips”

  1. Yeah i love this!

  2. I’m in a new relationship and things a getting very serious but want to keep the spark alive,how do I do it

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for reaching out, it is really nice to hear from you! Here are a few texting tips for keeping the spark alive:
      – send him random thinking of you messages (be specific and genuine)
      – compliment him (guys don’t normally admit it, but they crave compliments too…)
      – tease him with photos of a new dress, a new pair of sexy shoes…make him imagine how beautiful you will look when wearing them.
      – be playful – if you only have something boring to text, don’t text. The same with rants or anything else negative.
      Voila! A few tips!

      • I am in a new long distance relationship and I want to turn my love on, we are teens BTW. And I just don’t know how! Helppp

        • Hi Lindsey,
          Hmmm When you say “turn your love on”, do you mean make him want to keep dating you regardless of the distance? The best way to do this is to send him little reminders such as photos, something specific you miss about him, jokes, and of course plans for when you will finally be back together 🙂

  3. How to turn un a girl with texting?

    • Hi Al,
      It’s great to hear from you! The key is to make her feel attractive and appreciated. Be playful, positive and don’t overdo a good thing. From there, a lot depends on the girl and your relationship. For example, how well do you know her? What does she like, etc.

  4. Hi I have this guy friend and he’s my best friend but lately I’m been feeling like he should be more than a friend but I want him to feel the same way….. How do I make him feel like he wants to be with me?

    • Hi Lexi,
      Going from best friends to more than friends can be tricky…I would start off slowly. Be a little bit more flirty – for example hold eye contact with him a little longer than usual, touch his forearm or shoulder when you are talking, compliment him and don’t talk about other guys around him. Teasing is also a great way to flirt. Challenge him in a playful way instead of just agreeing with him all the time. Little things add up, and can spark a romance between friends. Good luck!

    • Just make shure he dose not have a girl friend first then pull the strings but one at a time

  5. Hi I have a guy friend and we have been texting each other very often. But lately, some unhappiness incident occur and we text not as often as before. However, daily he would text me good morning, afternoon and good nite..that’s all. This morning, he text me “have a great day ahead dear” and Ive not replied him. How do I know if he wants to be with me? or should I disappear for a few days?

    • Hi Summer,
      What do you mean by “some unhappiness incident”? Did you have a fight? Guys are usually pretty good at letting girls know if they want to be with them or not…I wouldn’t play any games. Reply if you feel like it, and if you have something interesting to say. Otherwise, let him text you and see where it goes. Have fun! 🙂

  6. I met R once and we have been dating but he does not call me we only chat on watsapp he says honey I am still enjoying chatting with you we are coming to that but he does not invite me out but on chat he makes me feel heaven on earth i love gim just want to know if its right

    • Hi Dorine,
      I would take it slow…especially if you haven’t met him in person yet. Don’t get too attached to someone that you don’t know. Does he live in the same town as you? Tell him about your weekend plans and then see if he suggests meeting up. Maybe he is someone who is only looking for an online flirt.

    • If you waiting to go out with him it not happen . He wants only chat , he play a game , don’t waste your time . He will break your heart and leave you as soon he can get all of you. Just interesting is his name Roberto? I had the same situation , we never go out , only text and never speak on the phone ,he was playing a game . Awake , you deserve better .

      • Hi Tona,
        You are totally right…sometimes people just want someone to chat with via text because they are emotionally unavailable or just lonely. I hope that you find a wonderful guy soon!

        • Thank you Claudia, I hope I’ll find right person, just waste my time with one man who wanted chat or meet only for sex, we always want to love and be loved but to real situation different , don’t attract to man who is wrong for you.

  7. Made me realise how easy we (men) are very easy to conquer lol

  8. Hey am in love with this guy for two years now and he want a baby so bad while I have twins already in my past relationship and it didn’t work , I ended up raising kids by my own so am afraid if this matter can repeat it self so what can I do?

    • Hi Didi,
      I think you need to take a careful look at his actions. Is he a man of his word? Does he follow through? Do you trust him? Do you have the right environment to raise more kids in? If you love him, you love having children, and you believe that he would be a good partner (and father) don’t let the past decide your future.

  9. I’m in a relationship for a while now,the spark has gone,we haven’t been talking to each other for a while now. I’m worried
    what should I do

    • Hi Nono,
      I think that a lot of times the spark disappears when partners don’t feel appreciated anymore. Appreciation is more than just saying thank you. It’s also showing that you are grateful to have someone in your life by making communicating with them a priority in your busy day. You you could start out slowly by sending some random “thinking of you” text messages. For example, send your husband a text message in the middle of the afternoon telling him that you just saw something that made you think of him (be specific). You could also send him a simple, yet sweet message in the morning. “missing your lips on mine”.

  10. I love this and i hope it gonna help me in my new relationship
    Thank you!

  11. Hey Claudia Cox, I’m in a LDR and he’s really easy going and so kind. And he’s a little dirty around his friends. And I’m really shy, I get nervous to call him something simple like handsome, but it seems like to little just to say “I love you baby” and I really want to learn how to turn him on without being dirty and not too weak. Thanks for the help,


    • Hi Katie,
      You can turn him on without being dirty…the key is to give him something he can visualize, be specific (something you did together) and mix it up (sweet, sexy and funny messages). For example, you could text “Missing your smell on my pillow” or “Just got out of the bath tub…it felt too lonely without you”.
      And most importantly…have fun! 🙂

  12. hi i need your help i met this wonderful guy he is everything anyone could ask for but the problem is that he is from overseas my question is can there be really something serious between us please help me i’m desperate…

    • Hi Emma,
      It’s nice to hear from you! Yes, it’s possible to build up a relationship with someone who is far away…try and communicate with him on a daily basis (text, Skype, email, etc.). Include him in your daily life (send him photos, share accomplishments, etc.). Just don’t vent and tell him all the negative things that happen, even if it’s tempting. Take your time and build something special…
      Good luck!

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