Grape Harvesting: Why It’s For You!

Grape harvesting couple in vineyards

The grape harvest in France is so much more than just filling a basket or a bucket with grapes – it is a huge party. Participating in the harvest is also a great way to improve your French, learn about…

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Chivalry On The Open Road


Chivalry is more than opening car doors or pulling out chairs. It is a lifestyle; a way of treating women that requires changing the way you think. If you adopt chivalry it will set you apart from all the other…

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Be Ignored No More! Learn How To Flirt Through Text


Are you sick of your texts being ignored? Are you ready to start sending little electronic missiles of seduction? Then it’s time for action! Voila, your new how to flirt through text cheat sheet. Before you launch your next text…

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Text Messages That Get Answered

29 july 2014

Are you always the one to press send; your text messages just hanging out there, unanswered? Not fun, huh? You’re probably starting to wonder what in the heck you must be doing wrong. Well, it sounds like you’re stuck in…

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Knights, Texting And The Definition Of Chivalry

Knights, texting and definition of chivalry

Did you ever ask yourself where chivalry came from? Were you under the impression that it was probably invented by women to entice men to open doors, pull out chairs, and pay for dinner? Nothing could be further from the…

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Looking For Fun? How About Some Ping-Pong?

Ping Pong French Touch

Ping-Pong is one of the most popular games in the world. Why? Maybe because it’s suitable for everyone. It is something that you can play in groups, with people of different skill levels, ages, and even languages. The equipment is…

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New Relationship Advice For Turbocharged Texting


Many times new relationship advice revolves around what to wear, or how to look. While tucking in your shirt, making eye contact and brushing your teeth are all important, so is your mindset, especially when texting. Feeling positive is key!…

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Gallantry And Savoir Vivre For Men


Gallantry: The Secret Behind Male Attractiveness If you ask a woman what makes a man seductive, she probably won’t say it’s his clothes, or his shoes, or his ability to play the accordion while banging on a set of drums…

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The Art Of The Apéro Meets The Art Of Texting


Forget The Wings – Make It A French Themed Cocktail The apéritif, also known as the apéro, is a sacred institution in France. Basically, it’s a pre-dinner cocktail, often served with salty finger foods. There are also apéro dinatoîres, which…

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