Happiness Might Just Be A Few Steps Away


Today most people spend hours sitting down, whether they are at office, driving somewhere or watching TV. Most of the time we can’t do anything about it; however, you can make a few adjustments that lead to a more fulfilling…

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Letting Go: When It’s Just Not The Right Fit

Letting go

When I opened my eyes to how they acted, how they treated me and how it all made me feel…I realized that it was a toxic situation. I was chasing something unreal, someone unobtainable. It was time to start letting…

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How To Overcome The Dread Of Public Speaking (Why Speaking At The Elite Man Conference Was So Incredible)


But Why Do We Dread Public Speaking So Much? You might assume that your fear has to do with speaking in front of tons of people. But guess what? It probably doesn’t. According to career expert Jane Praeger, we fear…

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LINKD: Not Just Another Dating App – A Better Dating Experience

LINKD founder Patric Okumi

In a world of quick meet-ups and instant gratification, LINKD offers hope to those who want to return to traditional romance and want more than a Tinder type dating app. We sat down with the founder, Patric Okumi and picked…

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How To Know When You Need A Digital Detox

Digital Detox

So basically, getting addicted to the Internet was a supremely expensive venture and most people managed to limit their usage. Fast forward to 2016, and we’ve all pretty much got unlimited access to the digital world for just a few…

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The Importance Of Authentic Communication

Authentic communication

It is only later when we reflect on the conversation that we really wish we would have kept our mouth shut because we said something we don’t believe at all. We just said it simply to look cool, knowledgable or…

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Elite Man Conference With Justin Stenstrom

Justin Stenstrom Elite man Conference

Justin started out like most guys – shy, lonely and pretty crappy at meeting girls. He went on a personal mission to improve himself and overcome his “shy guy” mentality without turning himself into a douche bag (bless him 🙂…

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Are You Winking At Me? The Big Wink Debate

Are you winking at me

Winking…what’s in a wink? The history of the wink is ambiguous, with some attesting its proliferation to Magellan as he made his world voyage in 1520. Regardless of its creation, the wink has been frequent in our culture for decades…

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Keeping The Passion Alive In Long Distance Relationships


Difficulties with communication are common in relationships in general and in long distance relationships these difficulties are only exacerbated. When you can’t see your partner’s expression or physically touch them as a method of reassurance or affection, it can be…

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