Being Vulnerable And Intimate Even Via Text

Relationship Success Being Vulnerable

I don’t believe that if you give away something that precious, it’s ever lost. Strong connections shape who you are. Opening yourself up and being vulnerable is the number one way to create intimacy in a relationship. At the end…

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Are You Winking At Me? The Big Wink Debate

Are you winking at me

Winking…what’s in a wink? The history of the wink is ambiguous, with some attesting its proliferation to Magellan as he made his world voyage in 1520. Regardless of its creation, the wink has been frequent in our culture for decades…

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Elegant Lingerie: How To Keep A Guy Interested 101


Enter Trice – The How To Keep A Guy Interested Expert Planning an unforgettable romantic evening for you and your honey can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve put together some tips for creating a stress free…

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Social Media Signs A Guy Likes You: Your Modern Day Love Guide

man and woman playing cards

Sound like a familiar story? Every last female on the face of our magnificent planet has scratched her head and asked herself the age-old question of “what are the signs a guy likes you?” at least once (and Googled it…

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How To Make A Move On A Girl – 3 Fun Ways


If you’re like most guys, EVERY one of these questions is going around in your head: What if you blow it? Is she ready or are you just going to blunder your way into a soul-shredding rejection? Are you about…

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The Search For The Best New Dating App

Best Dating APP

Four words: best new dating app But which one? Dating apps have become so individual, so catered that finding the best new dating app is almost like finding the right partner. It takes time (and a little luck) To help…

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The Science Behind Confident Texting

Confident texting

Is there really science behind confident texting? Well, yes. According to several scientific studies conducted in the area of psychology and cosmetic science, being confident directly translates to being attractive to the opposite sex. Self-assured people flirt, make eye-contact and…

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16 Happy New Year Text Messages For 2016

new years text message 2015

You’re standing in a crowded room, the count-down is on, and everyone is pairing off – 3…2…1… And there you are, sending a Happy New Year text! You may not be with your special someone tonight, but that doesn’t mean…

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Christmas Text Messages: New Relationship Edition

Christmas text messages from Claudia Cox

The idea of sending your girlfriend Christmas text messages while in the same room may seem a little odd. But if she’s spending the holidays with you and your family for the first time, you can bet the ranch that…

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