LINKD: Not Just Another Dating App – A Better Dating Experience

LINKD founder Patric Okumi

In a world of quick meet-ups and instant gratification, LINKD offers hope to those who want to return to traditional romance and want more than a Tinder type dating app. We sat down with the founder, Patric Okumi and picked…

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Texting Your Crush: 5 Texting Techniques That Will Keep Him Interested


Texting your crush can be an absolute minefield. Whenever he ends a conversation with a solemn “K” you spend the next two hours trying to come up with something to keep things going. After two hours, all you’ve got is…

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Why Am I Single? Stop Over-Analyzing Your Text Messages!


It’s technology. The stats are impressive: – Over 6 billion texts are sent every day in the US alone. – The average adult spends almost 24 hours a week texting. …so if you’re asking yourself “why am I single?” and…

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James Preece – Dating Guru And Relationship Expert

James Preece Dating Guru

It’s not every day that you get to chat with someone who has over a decade of experience helping singles all over the world end up blissfully “coupled up”. I wondered what kept a lot of singles stuck in “singeldom”,…

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How To Boost Your Online Dating Profile


Online dating can be frustrating. Not everyone is going to find Prince Charming first time around, and there will be a few duds amidst the pearls. But there are a few things you can do to narrow the odds and…

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Text Message Flirting: 6 Messages You Should Send To A New Date And 1 Surprising Thing You Should Never Do

Jonathan Bird

Enter Jonathan Text message flirting and texting a new date is always hard. There are so many things that could be said but where to start? Can’t send one too long or too short, too flirty, too blunt, too descriptive,…

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The Importance Of Sleep For A Healthy Relationship

couple in bed looking upset

In an ideal world, we’d all be in a happy, healthy relationship, and we’d all get eight hours of sleep per night, every night. The birds would be singing melodically, and there would be no need for Red Bull, diet…

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How To Be A Man That Today’s Women Love To Love


How did I get there? Why am I writing about how to be a man that today’s women love to love? Well, even though Atlanta is more than a hop, skip and jump away from Switzerland, I knew I just…

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Texting Tips For Texting Him Down Gently

Text Him Down Gently

The best texting tips aren’t always about being more flirty. Sometimes they are about easing yourself out of an uncomfortable situation. You know the story, you met a guy a few days ago (friend of a friend, new colleague, friendly…

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