Flirty Good Night Text Messages For Everyone

flirty good night texts sent by knight

Seriously, what’s better than falling asleep to flirty good night text messages? When you truly care about someone, you start associating them with feelings of happiness and security. Late at night, when you’re all cozy in bed, receiving a text…

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Gallantry And Savoir Vivre For Men

Gallantry: The Secret Behind Male Attractiveness If you ask a woman what makes a man seductive, she probably won’t say it’s his clothes, or his shoes, or his ability to play the accordion while banging on a set of drums…

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5 Dating Tips For Women In The Text Age

My Top Dating Tips For Women Looking For Love The shy 16 year-old girl hidden inside me probably wouldn’t believe I’m writing this. However, after dating lots of guys, I finally consider myself to be a veteran dater, so I’ve…

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How To Find A Guy And Reel Him In With Texting

woman looking for a guy

Can’t He Just Show Up Already? Are you frustrated from the lack of romance in your life? Scratching your head, wondering “how to find a guy2? Sure, meeting an awesome guy can seem difficult, especially when the majority of your…

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The Art Of The Apéro Meets The Art Of Texting

Forget The Wings – Make It A French Themed Cocktail The apéritif, also known as the apéro, is a sacred institution in France. Basically, it’s a pre-dinner cocktail, often served with salty finger foods. There are also apéro dinatoîres, which…

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Long Distance Relationship Texting Advice: 3 Tips

You’re There, I’m Here…Long Distance Relationship Advice For Couples If you’ve been together long enough, almost every couple goes through a period of time when they are forced to be apart. Never fear, this distance doesn’t mean the end of…

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Creative Text Love Messages For Your Special Someone

Love Is In The Air… Sure, some conditions are conducive to cuddling and kissing, such as flowers and relaxed private picnics. However, you shouldn’t always rely on sunshine and roses. Force nature, and start sending your special someone sweet little…

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Funny Texting Mistakes That Aren’t So Funny

Why Me? Funny texting mistakes range from “haha” to “ouch,” to “pass me the butter knife.” While the list of possible mistakes is endless, below you’ll find a plan of attack for how to remedy some of the most common…

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Wanna Get Dirty? Dirty Texting Ideas

Make Them Drool with Excitement Dirty texting has gotten a bad rap. Unfortunate cases such as the Weinergate scandal have caused people to label sexting as inappropriate and in bad taste. While sending XXX photos to someone you don’t really…

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