How To Impress Your Crush: Matching Your Texting To Your Personal Brand


Want to know how to impress your crush? Start by aligning your personal brand with the way you text. Did you know that you had a personal brand? Yes, no, maybe so? Well you do. We all do! And those…

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4 Signs He Likes You That You Shouldn’t Miss


They say that every guy has a few “pantomimes”, signs that he likes you – or not. The problem is that modern communication is now so out of control that it’s really hard to work out what these “tells” are…

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Get Wicked With Your Man With These 7 Sexy Halloween Texts

Sexy halloween outfits

Halloween is the perfect time of the year to stir a cauldron of heat with your lover via Halloween texts. If you’re looking to spice up your love life with your man, we can’t think of a better way to…

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How To Overcome The Dread Of Public Speaking (Why Speaking At The Elite Man Conference Was So Incredible)


But Why Do We Dread Public Speaking So Much? You might assume that your fear has to do with speaking in front of tons of people. But guess what? It probably doesn’t. According to career expert Jane Praeger, we fear…

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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Guy


Obviously, asking “and how are you now?” for the fifth time in a single evening is not cool. It’s definitely not how to keep a conversation going…at least not a good conversation. Picture the scene: You’re on a first date….

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Dating Coach Hunt Ethridge Teaches You How To Approach Any Woman


As such, I was delighted to recently have the chance to talk to Hunt Ethridge, a dating and relationship coach with hundreds of satisfied clients. Hunt works full-time in the dating scene as Chief Marketing Officer of as well…

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Ready To Make Online Dating Easier? Meet Queek’d


The problem is that, faced with so many choices, finding the dating site that is right for you isn’t so simple. You could easily waste months trapped in a dating site where literally nothing goes right. You’re being paired up…

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You Text Most of The Time, So Make It Count: 6 Ways To Up Your Texting Game


I remember the first time I came away from an inspiring and exciting text conversation. I was pleased as punch because I assumed that it was ME who was responsible for such a swashbuckling convo where the ebb and flow…

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SOS! No Response To Text (What To Text When They Don’t Respond)

What to text when they don't respond

You’d think that sending a quick text message to someone would be easy and care-free, but NOPE. People expect a lot from those 140 characters. Like an answer. Are you scratching your heading wondering why you got no response to…

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