How To Deal With A Narcissist Over Text


A narcissist can range from the selfie-taking, social media fiend who can’t get enough of themselves – right through to people who hide their pain behind an idealized self-image to mask their enormous lack of self-confidence. Whichever one they are,…

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How To Know If You Are Ready For A Relationship

Caroline Brealey

Enter Caroline How to know if you are ready for a relationship? As a professional matchmaker I am lucky enough to work with incredible single people day in, day out and there are commonalities I’ve found amongst all the ‘date…

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Visualization: How To Own Split-Second Decision-Making


It’s the point of no return. That one bad decision you made that led to a negative downwards spiral. Looking back at that point, you will be able to trace it directly to the negative repercussions that followed: – You…

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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You: 12 Signs

how to tell if a girl likes you - guy giving a girl a piggy back ride

If there’s one thing that you guys all want to know, it’s this: how to tell if a girl likes you. Men aren’t always great at reading signs. But it’s not your fault, sometimes woman are really hard to read,…

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What Their Dating Photo Really Means


Enter Saskia: Before setting up as a dating photographer, I spent 8 years dating online. Yes I did say 8 years. And 3 of those years were spent scrolling through pages and pages of crappy photos of guys who, despite…

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Good Morning Text Messages Made Easy

Good morning

Good morning text messages come in many different “flavors”, because everyone has their own personal way of communicating. So, if you’re under the impression that the only way to say good morning is to fire off something sexy, think again!…

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Texting Etiquette: The Angry Text

Angry text

It’s never pleasant, it’s never called for, but unfortunately, it happens. So, what is the proper texting etiquette for responding to an angry text? Well, you basically have 4 options: – Act indifferent and ignore it (press delete) – Answer…

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How to Get Him To Ask You Out Over Text…NOW

How To get Him To Ask You Out Over Text

So, you met a guy at a friends party, or at the bar last week, and you hit it off. You’ve been texting all week – and not polite, “Good morning sunshine” texts either, but full on flirty exchanges that…

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How To Compliment A Guy And Make His Day


Compliments make everyone feel good. Whether it’s about your body, your brains, or your beauty, nothing boosts your day like a well-pointed remark about how damn great you are. But although there’s a lot of information out there on how…

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