For Those Far Away

Text Messages For Those Far Away
Stay on their radar. Keep them turned on and engaged from afar. read more

Specific Kisses

Specific Kisses
Sick of xoxo? Spice up any message instantly by describing a specific type of kiss, or even turn a specific kiss into a message in itself. read more


Dirty Texting Examples
Power is sexy, whether you’re giving it up or taking control. Black leather optional. read more

Tell Me A Secret

Flirty Text Message
Grab their attention, give new life to a dying exchange, and get to know your partner better. read more

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Good Cop/Bad Cop
Pretend to be the good guy when you’re actually the bad guy (or gal)...and keep them guessing. read more

The Name Game

The Name Game
Adding a special name changes a snore message to a wow message. It’s also a great way to make your partner feel special. read more


Flirty Text Messages
Everyone loves a compliment. Give your partner the kind they’re craving. read more

You’re Just A Little Great

You're Just a Little Great
Don’t let them become too comfy or they’ll get bored. Throw in one of these from time to time to grab their attention and make them grin. read more


Dirty text message ideas
Men are visual creatures, but women love a good show too. Use more than your camera, use all your senses. read more
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