Happy Birthday Text Message Guide

Birthday’s aren’t going anywhere, so let’s get down to the basics. Make it a habit when you meet someone to ask when their birthday is. If you don’t receive alerts via social networking sites, then set up your own alerts…

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Cute Flirty Text Messages To Help Stay Connected

Ladies, believe it or not, a lot of men are more attracted to a cute girl than to a sexy girl. If you read about attraction on the internet or in relationship books, many times you’ll run across men confessing…

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After The First

First text message
Tons of ideas for messages after the first date, meeting, or chance encounter. read more

Thinking Of You

Get Romance Back
Nothing says I love you more than “thinking of you,” especially if you put some actual thought into it. Great for any stage of a relationship. read more

For Those Far Away

Text Messages For Those Far Away
Stay on their radar. Keep them turned on and engaged from afar. read more

Specific Kisses

Specific Kisses
Sick of xoxo? Spice up any message instantly by describing a specific type of kiss, or even turn a specific kiss into a message in itself. read more


Dirty Texting Examples
Power is sexy, whether you’re giving it up or taking control. Black leather optional. read more

Tell Me A Secret

Flirty Text Message
Grab their attention, give new life to a dying exchange, and get to know your partner better. read more

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Good Cop/Bad Cop
Pretend to be the good guy when you’re actually the bad guy (or gal)...and keep them guessing. read more
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