From Introvert To Extrovert: One Text At A Time

Changing from introvert to extrovert is more than a matter of overcoming shyness. Actually, an introvert can be very outgoing and friendly – the trouble is, they become tired and withdrawn when they’re in a social situation for too long….

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How To Tell If He’s Into You – Or Not

We’ve all been there before – checking our cell phone every 3 minutes, hoping for an invitation to a special event, or even just a simple “hello”. Many times, knowing if someone likes you or not is a gut feeling…

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You Don’t Say: A 5 Hint Guide How To Read The Body Language Of Men

Different forms of communication require their own distinct form of listening and you can learn a lot if you understand how to read the body language of men. While texting is sometimes tricky, because of short choppy thoughts, face-to-face communication…

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How To Deal With Breakups And Texting Disasters

Lyrical Relief For How To Deal With Breakups …And there I was, listening to “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All” for the 900th time. When you start voluntarily listening to Air Supply on repeat, you have issues. Wlcome to…

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Words That Turn Guys On And Keep Them Turned On

Despite what you might think, words that turn guys on are a little trickier than “Tonight let’s watch Sports center instead of the Bachelorette.” OK, actually, that one might work. Pinpointing the right words that turn guys on requires finesse…

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Texting And How To Get The Love Of Your Life Back

woman holding onto man's leg trying to get him back

Salvaging Your Relationship: How To Get The Love Of Your Life Back Couples break up every day. However when it was a deep relationship with a special bond, it’s normal to scheme, obsess and dream about being back in your…

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How To Find A Guy And Reel Him In With Texting

woman looking for a guy

Can’t He Just Show Up Already? Are you frustrated from the lack of romance in your life? Scratching your head, wondering “how to find a guy2? Sure, meeting an awesome guy can seem difficult, especially when the majority of your…

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Long Distance Relationship Texting Advice: 3 Tips

You’re There, I’m Here…Long Distance Relationship Advice For Couples If you’ve been together long enough, almost every couple goes through a period of time when they are forced to be apart. Never fear, this distance doesn’t mean the end of…

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Creative Text Love Messages For Your Special Someone

Love Is In The Air… Sure, some conditions are conducive to cuddling and kissing, such as flowers and relaxed private picnics. However, you shouldn’t always rely on sunshine and roses. Force nature, and start sending your special someone sweet little…

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