Romantic Bedtime Stories For Your Girlfriend: How To Make Her Love You Even More

Romantic Bedtime Stories

If you want to add spice, intimacy and creativity to your relationship, romantic bedtime stories for your girlfriend are the way to go. Yep, that’s right! Telling your girlfriend stories as she gets comfy in bed is a sure fire…

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How To Impress Your Crush: Matching Your Texting To Your Personal Brand


Want to know how to impress your crush? Start by aligning your personal brand with the way you text. Did you know that you had a personal brand? Yes, no, maybe so? Well you do. We all do! And those…

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4 Signs He Likes You That You Shouldn’t Miss


They say that every guy has a few “pantomimes”, signs that he likes you – or not. The problem is that modern communication is now so out of control that it’s really hard to work out what these “tells” are…

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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Guy


Obviously, asking “and how are you now?” for the fifth time in a single evening is not cool. It’s definitely not how to keep a conversation going…at least not a good conversation. Picture the scene: You’re on a first date….

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Dating Coach Hunt Ethridge Teaches You How To Approach Any Woman


As such, I was delighted to recently have the chance to talk to Hunt Ethridge, a dating and relationship coach with hundreds of satisfied clients. Hunt works full-time in the dating scene as Chief Marketing Officer of as well…

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Ready To Make Online Dating Easier? Meet Queek’d


The problem is that, faced with so many choices, finding the dating site that is right for you isn’t so simple. You could easily waste months trapped in a dating site where literally nothing goes right. You’re being paired up…

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The Importance Of Sleep For A Healthy Relationship

couple in bed looking upset

In an ideal world, we’d all be in a happy, healthy relationship, and we’d all get eight hours of sleep per night, every night. The birds would be singing melodically, and there would be no need for Red Bull, diet…

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How To Be A Man That Today’s Women Love To Love


How did I get there? Why am I writing about how to be a man that today’s women love to love? Well, even though Atlanta is more than a hop, skip and jump away from Switzerland, I knew I just…

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Getting Over an Ex With Laura Yates


Luckily, heartbreak experts like my lovely friend Laura Yates are around to pick up the pieces and put your humpty dumpty heart back together again! I’m so excited to welcome Laura back to the blog today to talk about her…

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